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Demet Tsafaridis
CEO, Carego Tek

”We're a unique company straddling two industries-- technology and material handling of steel. Tom and Jim delivered high-level coaching and guidance that has helped put us in a position of strength as we grow to our next level while helping us avoid pitfalls and see our blindspots. It takes an outside perspective to help you see these things and they delivered.”

Scott Schell
CEO, TA Services

”Having well-prepared leaders performing at their best is a must. We're a fast-growing company in a highly competitive industry. Tom and Jim have been a valuable asset to our executive team during this time of growth and we continue to lean on them to develop our next generation of leaders. By the end of the year, we will have put roughly 50 key employees through phase I of their program.”

Dr. Matt Tormenti, MBA
Partner, Princeton Brain and Spine

”As both a neurosurgeon and a leader in our business, optimizing my performance is critical. Jim and Tom provide a proven formula that results in success. The work I've done with them has been game-changing in every aspect of my life…even outside of my professional career. I recommend them to any leader looking to optimize and operate at their next level and drive their business and life to the next level.”

Derek Dery
President, 16 Grains, Inc.

”As a leader, I'm constantly looking for an edge. I look for ways to become more self-aware and operate at a higher level. My work with Jim and Tom has been critical in my development as a leader to serve my family, my company, and myself, and will provide returns-- financial and otherwise-- for years to come. They have my full endorsement.”

Joe De Sena
CEO, Founder, Spartan

”Jim provided incredible insight and guidance to our leadership teams. He has my full endorsement.”

Geno Auriemma
Head Women's Basketball Coach, University of Connecticut.
11x National Champions

”I've known Tom for over 30 years and his knowledge and experience, gained from working with some of the best coaches in the world, will help you maximize your strengths as a leader.”
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